Quite serious about world politics and believe journalism is not about creativity. If you want to write script, go into the movie business. So-called news agencies should be woefully ashamed for lying. Patriotic. Pro-military. Pro-life. Pro-Constitution. Pro-Freedom. Anti-Cults. Anti-Terrorism. Anti-Sharia. Anti-Commie. 1,000% against sex trafficking. Children are our most precious asset to be protected and nurtured no matter what. Mothers have a hard job; don't screw it up. Religious freedom, like any other, can be lost; careful out there. Life's Motto: I can be loved into almost anything but bullied into nothing. Conscientious Writer & proud of it; frustrating that many publications put out sloppy work. REMEMBER ENGLISH?! If they have proofreaders, they're certainly not earning their keep. I am a Christian without wings; I will use a 4-letter word now and then for emphasis. I am a dyed-in-the-wool patriot. My favorite color combination is red-white-blue. Gold is good, too. There are only 2 Sexes; stick with how you were borne. Trans-anything is a fraud if you're not borne with both genders. Don't leave a mess in your wake. --- & --- I can't be any plainer: I AM 74 & HAD THE SAME BEAU FOR 19 YRS. JUST. NOT. LOOKING.
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