• Democrats dreaming control in Texas
    It's gonna happen if all Texans are blind and stupid then we put an dirty Democrats politician in the chair of Texas Gov position...and if it's happen, I'm move out of Texas right away POLITICO ELECTIONS Texas disaster puts Beto O’Rourke back in business The onetime Democratic sensation has new political life — and, perhaps, hope for the governorship. Beto O'Rourke speaks during a...
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  • Does the Left Understand?? Nope!
    Seriously... I don't watch but 3 shows of FOX News, Tucker, Hannity, and Ingram. But I also watch BlazeTV, America's Voice, and NewsMax. Look I'm a conservative.  I also learned in High School how are Government is supposed to work.  I was born in 1962, and I can remember JFK being assinanted. I also learned about him in History Class. And as far as I can remember, JFK was a...
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  • Examples of NWO
    Have you noticed over the last 60 years. How Out-breaks of this desease or that desease have showed up. Mostly in the 2000's. But mainly with COVID19.  And the"WHO" became a thing. And Dr. Fauci became a thing.  My Issue with the WHO, CDC, FDA, is this. 1st: The WHO is part of the UN.  Meaning that WE as American's Pay Dues to be in the UN/WHO. (Of which we helped create and was...
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  • The Matrix
    Since the 19th century, the World's religion - its ethereal faith - Marxism, has pushed itself throughout the globe via the World's government: its physical application called Communism.  Since the 1st century, Heaven's religion - Truth Himself - Christianity, has subverted the World's authority via its ethereal march throughout the globe, its willful conversion of the willful,...
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